🔥 Join presale now and get a 50% deposit bonus, limited time offer.  
🔥 Join presale now and get a 50% deposit bonus, limited time offer.

Unlocking Liquidity For Real World Assets

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USDT Raised:  225,317.17$800,000.00
Only 46,280,774 tokens remaining until price increases to 0.014 
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Lending Done Differently

Collateral Network is a next-generation crowd-lending platform that allows people from around the world to borrow against real-world assets using blockchain technology. Welcome to asset-backed lending 3.0!

How Does It Work?

Our proprietary lending platform will provide borrowers with quick access to loans on the blockchain at competitive rates. This is achieved by minting NFTs that are backed by the borrower’s physical assets, enabling our community to become fractional lenders.


Collateral makes it easy for you to get the most from your assets while holding your own keys. Realize the full potential of your assets through our bespoke earning and borrowing solutions.


Collateral Network takes the first legal charge over the asset.


No borrowing against future income, only against collateral you already own.


No credit footprint. Ever. A private and confidential transaction.


Low, affordable fees that are agreed upon upfront on-chain.

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Collateral Asset Backed NFT

NFTs are physically backed by assets 1-to-1 and fractionalized, allowing borrowers to unlock liquidity through crowd-lending.

Collateral Network Tokens

$COLT is a utility token that provides benefits and services to the Collateral community. Token holders will receive discounts on trading fees, rewards, and preferential borrowing terms.

Collateral Platform

Users can trade and transfer their loan portfolios via our proprietary platform and app. Holders will be able to stake their $COLT for additional passive income.

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Why Collateral Network?

Unlike a traditional loan that takes your credit score into account, a Collateral Network loan is an asset-backed loan in which your physical assets act as collateral for your line of credit. Collateral is a network that connects borrowers and lenders globally via Web3.


Lenders can trade fractions of their T-NFT loan in our 24/7 marketplace.


Turn your physical asset or collectible into a T-NFT (tangible NFT) and fractionalize it.


Use $COLT tokens and earn passive income. Secure your capital against houses, cars, and dozens of alternative assets.


Use your T-NFT to fractionalize your asset and borrow against a portion of it.

Assets You Can Borrow Against

Collateral Solves The Following Issues

Credit Accessibility

All NFTs on our platform are physically backed 1-to-1 by the actual asset, this presents opportunities for cross-border borrowing in regions where access to credit is limited.


Information about the asset each NFT is backed by is stored in the metadata of the NFT, which is publicly available on-chain and tamper-proof.


Because our loans are underwritten by our community of crowd lenders, this unlocks additional liquidity in assets that are often illiquid.


On-chain fractionalization provides users with greater access to previously inaccessible markets and flexible payment and investment terms.

A New Way To Invest In Asset-backed Loans

We’ve created the world’s first fractional NFT lending platform that enables borrowers to gain access to quick liquidity and allows investors to generate daily passive income. Become your own bank and invest in asset-backed loans.
Borrow capital quickly against your physical assets
Track historical loan performance.
Verify borrowing terms and asset authenticity.
Trade your loan portfolio our secondary market.
Manage stop and limit orders and set price alerts.

Collateral Token Features


You can generate monthly passive income by staking Collateral Network tokens.


Use your Collateral tokens to get voting rights on key project developments and decisions.


By holding $COLT tokens, you can unlock various utilities within the Collateral ecosystem.

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Please see a breakdown of how we plan to allocate the Collateral Network presale tokens.

  • Presale
    38.0 %
  • Listings & Staking
    15.0 %
  • Marketing
    13.0 %
  • Team
    12.0 %
  • Reserve Treasury
    12.0 %
  • Burn Event
    5.0 %
  • Legal & Advisory
    3.0 %
  • Partnerships
    2.0 %

Token Price Phases

Only 532,000,000.00 $COLT will be issued during presale

Phase 1
50% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 2
40% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 3
30% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 4
20% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 5
20% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 6
15% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 7
15% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 8
10% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 9
10% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 10
5% Bonus
Tokens Available
Phase 11
5% Bonus
Tokens Available

Token Details

  • Name:
    Collateral Network
  • Symbol:
  • Network:
    Ethereum (ETH)
  • Presale Date:
    23rd February 2023
  • Total Supply:
  • Presale Supply:
  • Liquidity locked for 33 years
  • Team tokens locked for 2 years


Our roadmap details the development goals of the Collateral Network project.

Phase 1
  • Create smart contract
  • Presale website launch
  • Presale live
  • Complete first audit
  • Social community development
  • COLT token audit
  • Phase 1 marketing campaign
Phase 2
  • Phase 2 marketing campaign goes live
  • PR machine live
  • Influencer marketing launches
  • Beta development of network
  • AMA - let's talk COLT
  • Launch on Uniswap
  • Coin Market Cap listing
  • Coingecko listing
Phase 3
  • Initial CEX listing
  • Private Investor club launch
  • Onboard brand ambassador
  • Further CEX listings
Phase 4
  • Accepting applications to fractionalize your assets
  • Round table NFT launch
  • Multi-chain integration
  • Tier-1 CEX listing
  • Collateral asset event
  • Community events for token holders
  • Collateral NFT exchange launch

VIP Members Club

Join now and purchase your Collateral Network tokens

Tier 1

An exclusive members club available only to presale token holders.
Limited to 100 investors only
Silver members receive the following benefits
  • Personal dedicated account manager 24/7
  • Full access to $COLT distressed auctions
  • 30% discounted fees on trading
  • 2 free Collateral Network NFTs
  • 10% extra staking bonus on $COLT

  • Tier 2

    An exclusive members club available only to presale token holders.
    Limited to 50 investors only
    Gold members receive the following benefits
  • Personal dedicated account manager
  • 48hr early access to $COLT distressed auctions
  • 50% discounted fees on trading
  • 4 free Collateral Network NFTs
  • 25% extra staking bonus on $COLT
  • Tier 3

    An exclusive members club available only to presale token holders.
    Limited to 20 investors only
    Platinum members receive the following benefits
  • Personal dedicated account manager 24/7
  • 120hr early access to COLT distressed auctions
  • 75% discounted fees on trading
  • 8 free Collateral Network NFTs
  • 50% extra staking bonus on $COLT
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our live support team or join our Telegram group for further assistance.

    You can purchase tokens in the presale by simply clicking the "Buy Now" button on the top right-hand corner of the website. If you are new to crypto and need help, please refer to our “How to Buy” section, scroll to the bottom, and complete the callback form.

    Assets are sourced, authenticated, and stored in a secure bonded warehouse facility. We then mint tangible NFTs that are linked to the physical assets and fractionalize them, making it easy for users to provide liquidity in exchange for a fixed interest rate.

    Privacy is at a premium in the world we live in. At Collateral Network, we understand that there are some decisions that should be private to you alone, such as whether or not you have unlocked funds hidden in your assets. We do not perform any credit checks or report any failure to repay. We will not ask for any affordability calculations or leave a mark on your credit profile.

    We will take a first legal charge (lien) over all assets listed on our marketplace. In addition these assets (excluding real estate) will be stored in our secure storage facility.

    Since we have procession of the physical asset and a full legal charge, we will list the asset on our private auction site to recoup our lenders funds.

    The presale is spread over 10 stages after the Beta sale, once the final stage is complete we plan to launch 5 days later.

    Once the presale finishes, presale holders will be able to claim their tokens from the claim section of the website. Please note that $COLT tokens are vested for a period of 3 months. You will receive 33.3% of your tokens each month from the claim section.

    Collateral Network is built and operates on the Ethereum blockchain, this allows users to purchase our tokens on one of the most secure blockchains.

    We plan to list on multiple centralised exchanges and we also plan to list a decentralised exchange Uniswap.

    Chronoly is a platform that allows the everyday person to buy, sell and invest in rare multimillion-dollar timepieces in the same way you would buy a share. This is achieved through the fractionalisation of our asset-backed NFTs.

    Chronoly is a platform that allows the everyday person to buy, sell and invest in rare multimillion-dollar timepieces in the same way you would buy a share. This is achieved through the fractionalisation of our asset-backed NFTs.

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